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Shooting a wedding with a DSLR entry level

I recently received an e-mail from one of our readers on how to shoot with a DSLR weddings entry (Nikon D3000) and a kit lens 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6. The request was for help in understanding how to photograph weddings, the right camera

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settings and correct installation. Without much thought, I have the question by saying that he / she is not to photograph the wedding and maybe leave the task to someone who knows what equipment to use and how to answer mainly used it.
It's a fun video and although it could be completely invented, leading to a heated debate about the type of team that wedding photographers should and should not be used. I know I'm opening a can of worms here, but here's my personal opinion on the subject - please let me know what you think.
Yes, most modern digital SLR cameras big and get even cheaper entry-level DSLRs are now equipped with better image sensor of the most expensive cameras in recent years. As I said in some of my posts as Nikon vs. Canon vs. Sony  , a camera is just a tool. However, there are some factors that have a direct influence on the images, as the lenses and the skill of the photographer. Thus, the camera is only part of the equation here. Cheap cameras can create large photos? Course. As expensive cameras that can produce poor images.
So why do I not to photograph the reader the wedding with the D3000 and a lens kit? Because he / she, as they had used it no idea.

When asked what kind of wedding photography to recommend, my answer is always, get the best lenses and then worry about the camera. Lenses are much more important than the camera. A cheap zoom lens can not do what a large can of 50 mm. If you want to create beautiful images for clients that can be displayed for your business, get the best glass you can afford. As for the camera, if you make a full-frame camera, go for something like Nikon D700, Canon 5D Mark II or Sony A900. If budget is a problem, get a camera like Nikon D7000 cropped sensor. This is assuming you already have a camera and know what you are doing. But do not go and shoot weddings with an introduction to DSLR photography, if you are serious about your business. After all, your computer is also the face of your business and the economy. Unless you do this for fun or simply just to help a friend.

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